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IgY Nutrition: Revolutionary Functional Food

IgY diagram177350282IgY Nutrition is the foremost authority on the development and production of functional IgY immunoglobulins for the benefit of humans and animals.  Developed through extensive clinical research the IgY and other immuno-regulating factors are presented through enriched Hyperimmunized Egg.

The process of developing the enriched IgY Hyperimmune Egg and keeping the custom contents bioavailable enjoys extensive patent protection.

IgY Nutrition is now making this exciting new functional food known as HIE PL-100 available as a stand alone product or as an additive to existing formulas.

IgY graphicFor more information, download our free white paper “Muscle Protection and Repair by Novel Components of IgY Max Performance” by filling out the contact form at the right or clicking here.

If you are interested in IgY for your business, there are 3 ways to work with us. See the three ways to work with us below and click the link to get more information and schedule your personal presentation.


3 Ways to get IgY for your company


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