IgY Max® is an antibody supplement that targets 29 dysbiotic pathogens inhabiting the gastrointestinal tract. IgY Max® rebalances dysbiotic microbiomes by killing non-beneficial pathogens and eliminating them from the intestinal tract. The product propels the growth of beneficial bacteria and restores microbial diversity, as corroborated by university-led trials. The result is reduced dysbiosis-related symptoms and improved gut barrier integrity and inflammation biomarkers such as zonulin, histamine, hs-CRP, and DAO. IgY Max®’s ability to remove dysbiotic pathogens from the gut while leaving beneficial microbes intact renders it a powerful tool for fighting dysbiosis and dysbiosis-related diseases. Since dysbiosis may cause or exacerbate a long list of conditions and illnesses, IgY Max® relates to a wide variety of clinical applications . Over the last 20 years, IgY Max® has been studied in well-renowned universities, hospitals, and research centers for application to the immune system, inflammation regulation, fibromyalgia, sports performance, muscle soreness and repair, cardiovascular disease, and more.

IgY Max® is a more effective means of addressing dysbiosis than the current standard of care: broad-spectrum antibiotics. Antibiotics are limited in efficacy because they do not target pathogens specifically. Instead, these antibiotics kill both beneficial and non-beneficial residents of the microbiome, rendering their efforts unsuccessful up to 50% of the time. IgY Max’s ability to neutralize non-beneficial pathogens while leaving beneficial microbes intact makes it a superior tool for combating dysbiosis.

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