Are you looking to improve your diet? These movies will unveil the not-so-appealing production secrets behind commonly consumed foods.

Super Size Me (2004)

Super Size Me examines the health consequences of consuming McDonald’s food solely for a month. The documentary’s host delves into the fast-food industry’s harmful practices throughout the experiment.

Food, Inc. (2008)

This documentary investigates the food production industry. Looking at the industrial production of processed meat, grains, and even vegetables like corn, the movie illuminates the vast economic, environmental, and health consequences of modern-day food production.


The Food As Medicine documentary highlights nutrition’s ability to improve disease states. The movie surveys inspiring cases of overcoming chronic illness and disease through nutritional strategies. The stories go to show how influential proper diets can be.

Hungry for Change (2012)

Hungry for Change looks at food companies’ craving-inducing strategies. Their approaches keep you coming back for more – leaving the body you want in the dust. This knowledge will equip you with the tools you need to secure your health.

Sustainable (2016)

This documentary unveils the havoc that current food production processes unleash on the environment. Focusing on traditional farmers’ sustainable practices, the film advocates for restoring environmentally-friendly farming and presents policy initiatives to undo the damage humankind has already done.

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