Got a family member or friend with gut health issues? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve separated the gift ideas into three categories:

  • Tools 
  • Tests and Healthcare Professionals
  • Supplements

Read on for a long list of ideas for gut health tools.


#1: Latte Spinner

If the person you’re buying a gift for is up to their ears in supplements, buying a latte spinner might help them keep it together (literally). 

Many supplements come in powder form (like glutamine, IgG supplements, creatine, and IgY Max). Adding them to liquids often results in chunky clumps of nasty-tasting powder instead of a smooth beverage.

Latte spinners blend powder-based supplements with beverages to make the drink smooth and tasty. Plus, it avoids the dreaded blender clean-up!

#2: Heating Pad

Is your friend or family member constantly in pain from gas and bloating? Well, a heating pad might just become their new best friend!

Many people who struggle with digestive symptoms find that heating pads help to relax the muscles in their abdomens and thereby alleviate digestive symptoms.

#3: Shaker Bottle

If your friend or family member is battling SIBO or dysbiosis, a shaker bottle will come in handy.

The thought process behind a shaker bottle follows the logic behind a latte spinner. Many supplements come in powder form. Adding them to liquid results in chunky clumps of nasty-tasting powder. A shaker bottle will allow them to carry their smooth, supplement-filled drinks on the go. 

#4: Pill Containers

It’s challenging to keep track of supplement consumption. 

Color-coded pillboxes allow for streamlined, consistent supplement dosing. Once per week, your friend or family member will fill each pillbox with the supplements they need to consume for the day. 

On their way to work or an event, all they will need to do is throw their “Monday” pillbox in their bag and head out. These boxes avoid having to rummage through all of their supplements each morning.

#5: Massage Gun

Gut microbiome imbalance can cause stress and joint pain (1, 2). What better tool to alleviate stress and joint pain than a massage gun?

Massage guns are a crowd-pleaser, whether your friends and family members deal with gut health issues or not.

#6: Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has been shown to alleviate digestive symptoms for some people (3). If your friend or family member hasn’t tried it before, it’s worth giving it a shot!

Package packets of peppermint tea with a cute tea mug and latte spinner for an affordable and gut-friendly gift.

#7: Bidet

Bidets are a funny gift. It’s saying, “I know you’ve been spending lots of time on the toilet, and I’m here to make it easier!” 

Bidets clean the butthole with water rather than toilet paper. If the person you’re buying a gift for struggles with fast motility, their butts may be dry from excessive wiping (we know that’s TMI, but it’s true)!

Saving them from dreaded butt-burn makes a funny and helpful gift.

#8: “I Pooped Today” Shirt

Here’s another funny one: an “I pooped today” shirt. These shirts are sold on Amazon. 

If the person you’re getting the shirt for struggles with constipation, you’re bound to get a good laugh out of this one.

#9: Blue Light Glasses

Some people with gut issues experience frequent headaches (4)

When worn while staring at a screen or at night, blue light glasses may alleviate headaches – a fantastic gift for anyone struggling with headaches.

Thanks for joining us today – make sure to check out parts two and three for more gift ideas on gut health tests, supplements, and healthcare professionals.


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