IgY Max Recipes

So, you purchased some IgY Max – congratulations on starting your journey toward digestive wellness! We’re excited for you to clear out the dysbiotic pathogens living in your gut. 

Now that you’ve got your hands on some IgY Max antibodies, you might be wondering – how should I consume it? If that’s you, read on for endless inspiration with our IgY Max recipes.

What does IgY Max taste like?

The antibodies in IgY Max are made from egg yolk, so the powder tastes like – you guessed it – eggs! 

IgY Max tastes excellent when mixed with foods and drinks that are sweet or contain eggs. Below, we’ve included a long list of yummy combos.

The only catch is the antibodies can not be heated – that will render them less effective.

Some of us like cooking more than others, so we included grab-and-go recipes and some that take a bit more elbow grease. A complete list of recipes is at the bottom. Let’s jump in!


For those looking to get our antibodies in with minimal effort, mixing IgY Max with a beverage would be the best call. 

If you find yourself mixing the powder with beverages often, consider purchasing a protein shaker bottle or hand-held latte spinner for about ten bucks on Amazon – it makes the drink smooth and the mixing process mess-free. Plus, it’s fast, perfect for those of us on the go.

IgY Max mixes well with a tall glass of fruit juice. Orange juice is our preference – it gives the drink a creamsicle flavor. Many customers like mixing it with chocolate milk or other creamy, sweet beverages for a malt-like taste. 

Add IgY Max to Premade Meals

Another easy way to consume your antibodies is to mix them with foods. 

Breakfast: Yogurts and Smoothies

For a quick breakfast, swirl IgY Max into some sweetened yogurt or add it to a smoothie. 

Here are a few of our favorite IgY Max recipes for tasty smoothie combinations:

  • Green smoothie: spinach + banana + orange juice + vanilla yogurt + IgY Max
  • Creamsicle: orange juice + milk + vanilla yogurt + ice + IgY Max
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter: chocolate protein powder + milk + banana + peanut butter + ice + IgY Max

We are also big fans of overnight oats. If you’re going to mix IgY Max with some oatmeal, remember that it can not be heated. Soaking oats overnight is a great option to keep your antibodies cool.

Give this easy recipe a spin: ½ cup oats + one date + ½ cup milk of choice + 1 tbsp chia seeds + 1 banana + IgY Max. Mix it up and leave it in the fridge overnight.

Lunch and Dinner: Sauces or Condiments

Try IgY Max with an egg-based condiment or sauce like caesar salad dressing, mayonnaise, marzipan, hollandaise sauce, bearnaise sauce, or another creamy dipping sauce, like ranch. 

Try IgY Max in creamy dressing over your favorite salad, in a classic turkey sandwich with mayo, or mixed into some tuna salad. 

If mixing IgY Max with sauce or condiments is your go-to, just make sure you’re not adding it to hot food. Remember, the antibodies need to stay cool to remain effective.

Dessert: Endless Options

You can’t go wrong by mixing IgY Max with a chilled egg-based dessert. Those of us with sweet-tooths (just like us!) like IgY Max that way best. 

The list of chilled egg-based desserts is never-ending. Try IgY Max mixed with ice cream, pudding, custards, milkshakes, or added to frostings.

Endless Options: Cold Foods

Today we went over several ways to consume IgY Max – but the possibilities are endless! You can mix your antibodies with any cold food. It tends to taste best with sweet foods and drinks and foods that already contain eggs.

For a quick recap, here are the options we went over today:

Mix IgY Max with:

  • Fruit juice (orange is best)
  • Creamy beverages like chocolate milk
  • Sweet yogurt
  • Your favorite smoothie
  • Overnight oats
  • Egg-based condiments
    • Caesar salad dressing
    • Mayonnaise
    • Marzipan
    • Hollandaise sauce
    • Bearnaise sauce
  • Egg-based dessert
    • Ice cream
    • Pudding
    • Custards
    • Milkshakes
    • Frostings

Let us know how you like your IgY Max. Tag us at @igynutrition in your creation on Instagram!

Happy mixing!